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Steve Jobs CEO of Apple introduced the iPad in early 2010.

When the iPad was announced back in early 2010 by Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple, it was a revolution and a turning point to the computer industry. Many people and media opposed to the idea of holding a tablet in your hand and thought that this would be a failure for Apple, while many others made fun of it and called it a big iPhone.

Those people, and the media were proven to be wrong. After only 3 years of its release, this first tablet took the market by storm. The total number of the Apple tablet sold since its release in April 2010 until October 2012 is over 100 million units. 

Its has increased a quarter after quarter that now we are in post PC era where people will use their tablet more than a PC.

Since its initial debut and many other tablets from Samsung, Google, Sony, Asus, Microsoft and others have been trying to beat the it with no success.

Looking at web traffic generated from tablets in the US by Chitika, the mobile advertisement giant, 87% of web surfing traffic come from the Apple tablet, while the remaining 13% come from all other tablets.

The graph below shows a break down of all tablet traffic usage, the scale on the left is 100 iPads. The Kindle for example is 4.88 of the traffic.

iPad web traffic compared to other tablets

This in fact is true with me personally. It is much easier for me to grab my Apple tablet to go online and check my email or visit a website than doing the same thing on my iMac or PC. There are two main magical formulas behind the success of the iPad:

1- Convenience & Mobility:

The convenience and mobility is one of the magical formulas behind the tablet success. It is much easier to grab a tablet to do some basic work than using a Laptop or desktop PC.

2- Ease of Use of iOS:

The ease of use of a tablet is the second magical contributor to its success. Thanks to the simplicity, stability and reliability of the iOS.  Even after 3 years, with the industry saturated with tablets from Samsung, Google, Toshiba, Sony, Asus and many others, the iPad is still the best selling tablet out of the rest because none of the other tablets  could meet this second magical formula, the simplicity, reliability, and performance of the Apple tablet. 

Apple is the only company that design and manufacture the whole thing. Apple makes the iPad tablet hardware, and it makes its operating system, the iOS. Therefor there is no other company in the world that could meet the performance and optimization between the hardware and software like Apple.

The iPad is so easy to use that a little kid can start navigating and opening applications in no time. At the same time, an older person with no experience with computers at all can still learn how to use it in very short time. The Apple tablet simply fits all ages. 

There are of course other contributors to the success of the iPad specifically:

3- Optimized Applications:

The App Store was opened in July 2008. By the time the Apple tablet was released in 2010, there were 150,000 iPhone apps already available in the App Store, that could immediately run on the new Apple tablet. Although those apps were designed for the iPhone, they ran on the iPad in a scaled mode until more Apps became available. After two years of the its release, 75,000 optimized apps became available in the App Store besides the 700,000 iPhone applications.  

4- Lots of accessories:

When you buy an iPad, it is very easy to find an accessory for it. The market is full of hundreds of iPhone accessory that share the same common connector as the Apple tablet, and of course there are hundreds of tablet specific accessories. Moreover, it doesn't usually take a long time before many tablet optimized accessories become available.   

TheiPad is used in space

The Usage of the Apple Tablet:

There are so many usages for the Apple tablet and with over 700,000 applications in the App Store, you can hardly find a category that is not available. There are over 20 categories from Sports, and Music, to Productivity and Science. There is an App for almost anything.

Besides the hundreds of thousands applications available in the App store,  you can use the iPad to browse the internet, check your email, watch TV, and Play video right out of the box. 

Of course, you can also play your favorite music, and rent or buy movies from the iTunes store. 

There are also so many productivity applications available in the App store from painting and sketching to history, Geography, and Medical. 

               ipad used in science     The iPad is used heavily in schools for education.

The iPad has also been extensively used in schools, colleges and universities as a tool for both students and teachers. It is amazing how the this new tablet  in a very short time became a very important device in our lives. 

Yes, we are indeed in a post PC time.

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